Valkyrie to Work with Global Medical Response to Expand EMS Efficiency

Global Medical Response

Data Science Firm to Build Custom AI and Machine Learning Solutions for Leading Provider in Emergency Medical Services

AUSTIN, TX, January 14, 2021,Valkyrie, a science-driven consulting firm that enhances organizations using artificial and augmented intelligence, is announcing it has contracted with ,Global Medical Response (GMR) to expand the way the company provides care to the world at a moment’s notice. Valkyrie’s dedicated team of data scientists will add additional machine learning models that tap into historical and external data to help forecast medical transport demand across GMR’s ground EMS operations.

Valkyrie will work directly with GMR’s operations team to develop dashboards and predictive insights for the leadership on emergency service requests, staffing structures and focused modeling on regional and seasonal deployment trends. The enhanced collaboration builds on Valkyrie’s initial work identifying COVID-19 hotspots to help create real-time, informed decision-making processes for GMR’s leaders and team members.

Valkyrie’s data science department is currently examining key industry data and insights to help build custom artificial intelligence models in early 2021. These custom forecasting solutions will help GMR prepare for events ranging from COVID-19 experience, holiday staffing, changes in emergency service requests and specific regional demands to improve emergency transport and patient care.

“Our team is passionately dedicated to help change the world through data science, and we’re proud to work with GMR to play a role in the meaningful and lifesaving work they perform,” said Charlie Burgoyne, CEO of Valkyrie. “We’re looking forward to expanding our capabilities and continuing to provide beneficial assistance around emergency medical transportation and response preparation.”

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