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Our value is our people. Without them, we’re just a collection of laptops.

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We've worked with and solved problems for a wide range of organizations from defense to healthcare to racing to nonprofits.


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What makes us special

  • Purpose, Cause, & Passion: We apply science to complex problems for a meaningful impact for our clients, employees, and the world around us. We believe that our relationship with our community and the people around us is symbiotic, in that a vibrant Valkyrie depends on a vibrant Texas.

Real Science. Real Results.

  • Our Method: Through iterating on Research, Evaluation, and Deployment, our scientists uncover hidden insights within our clients' data and create custom solutions based on intelligence. Our team, delivers world-class AI solutions, empowering our clients to run more sustainable and profitable business operations.

AI for Good

  • Diversity in STEM: Valkyrie is strongly committed to helping foster and invest in the next generation of scientists. Our mission is to broaden the diversity of STEM education candidates through partnerships with HBCUs and the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, as well as through the internships we offer at Valkyrie.

Our Niche

  • AI, ML & Knowledge Engineering: We specialize in building custom AI/ML & Knowledge Engineering applications. It's our goal to find harmony between creativity and technical solutions to solve complex, relevant problems within your business, because not every problem has an "off-the-shelf" solution.

Our People

  • People First Mentality: Our culture is grounded in a phrase that we've used since the genesis of Valkyrie, "Our value is our people. Without them, we’re just a collection of laptops."

    Valkyrie takes care of its people by providing meaningful work, professional development, and by valuing work-life balance for all employees.

Our Passion

  • Data-Driven Sports: Valkyrie's reason for being is to pair scientific curiosity with mathematical rigor in order to transform the world around us. The most tangible manifestation of that charter is through the work we do in racing where we push systems, drivers, and machines to the absolute edge.

Our Core Values

We replace perception, biases, and arguments with accuracy and precision. At Valkyrie, we manifest honor from the beginning to end of our client work. Through the diligent oversight of our Algorithmic Accountability task force, we take into account our clients and their complete ecosystem of stakeholders, ensuring equitable and impactful results.

We embody pure perseverance and indomitable will. When Valkyrie was founded, we made the decision to not pursue funding, choosing instead to bear the risk and responsibility of bootstrapping our company. Through grit, we persevered by growing only based on the strong work we deliver to our clients.

We treat our team, partners, vendors and our clients as we would want to be treated. As a growing company dedicated to the furthering of our scientific field, our team is everything. We put our team first and choose to prioritize their health and well-being above all else.

We believe science fuels the light of our future. At Valkyrie, we champion hope through our philanthropic initiatives. By donating our services to social impact and investing our time and resources in future scientists through STEM education, our team acts on our relentless hope for a better future, spurred by science.

Curiosity is the passionate driver behind our decision to become scientists, to explore the unknown. In all that we do, we are driven by insatiable curiosity. As scientists, curiosity leads us to ask different questions to uncover hidden truths that we make manifest in our work for our clients and community.

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