Science for Impact

Applying science to drive humanity forward

Valkyrie is strongly committed to helping foster and invest in the next generation of scientists. Our mission is to broaden the diversity of STEM education candidates through philanthropic efforts, partnerships with HBCUs and the internships we offer at Valkyrie.
While Valkyrie has given scholarships in the past, we believe the larger impact we can make is through partnering with schools to help shape curriculum and provide mentors to students. We believe that in order to break down the barriers to entry for STEM education, it is vital that the opportunities and curriculum offered will help to prepare students for real-world problems that can be solved with AI.

Equipping Future Scientists

Though 90% of NGOs collect data, only 5% use data in every decision they make*. With tight budgets, nonprofits are under strict scrutiny to steer funds away from traditional overhead costs. This leaves little room to invest in new technologies, which would allow organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively. By donating our services pro-bono, we’re equipping impactful organizations with the innovative tools necessary to make the highest impact possible.

Democratizing AI

As an independently owned and operated company, Valkyrie delights in giving a portion of our profits back to the community that has allowed us to thrive. It is critical for us as scientists to invest in the future generations of the next leaders in our field. Each year, we dedicate funds to donate directly to organizations and academic institutions that are aligned on our vision to drive humanity forward through science.

Investing In Our Community

Uplifting Nonprofits and Students in STEM

Valkyrie Virtue is Valkyrie’s social impact initiative. We believe that science should constantly be pushing humanity forward for the betterment of all. Through Valkyrie Virtue, our team donates our AI services to high-impact nonprofit and invests in future scientists.

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Our Impact Portfolio

Since the launch of Virtue in early 2020, we’ve had the privilege of working on five clients across a multitude of noble causes. So far, our scientists have had the privilege of creating data-driven and AI solutions that allowed our nonprofit clients to:


  • Provide tailored mental health resources to first responders and their families
  • Leverage data-driven methods to fight human trafficking
  • Prevent community members from experiencing homelessness through a prediction model
  • Intelligently pair cancer survivors and their caretakers with volunteers’
  • Create a solution to alert school officials of students and families in need of necessary resources

By pairing our cutting-edge AI solutions with our incredible pro-bono clients, we’re making the world a better place. And we’re just getting started.

Virtue serves as the tangible manifestation of our values and an effort our company remains deeply committed to.

Liz Coufal

Senior Director of Impact

Bailey Steinhauser

Director of Impact Operations