Valkyrie worked with a health nonprofit to prepare its data assets and infrastructure for ResponderRel8, a white label peer chat app that services mental health recommendations to first responders. 

All Clear Foundation

The Challenge

Valkyrie engaged in a 4 week program with All Clear Foundation in order to provide them with the tools, resources and data-derived insights necessary for them to better serve their community of first responders. The organization was struggling to reach and engage first responders in order to provide them with mental health and community resources.

The Solution

Our team created an exploratory data analysis, an ontology diagram, and recommendations for their peer-to-peer messaging app to help better serve the first responder community. Valkyrie supplemented ACF’s data with publicly available data to provide insights into first responders with unique needs, and identify groups within first responders that have substantially fewer resources available for them.

The Outcome

Valkyrie’s data review and assessment provided ACF with insights that could reduce the administrative overhead necessary for maintaining healthy online communities while also supporting the potential for exponential growth. After our engagement, ACF is now able to more effectively create and foster community among the first responders utilizing their app. 

Our team of scientists were not only able to deliver transformative insights about first responders, but were able to spend work cycles directly impacting the lives of paramedics, law enforcement officers, firefights, 911 dispatchers and their families.

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