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Optimizing Car Maintenance and In-Race Strategy

This year, United Autosports is teaming up with Valkyrie, announcing us as their official AI technology partner for the 2022 WEC season. During the first phase of the partnership, the focus will be on building a race car maintenance optimization algorithm and assisting with in-race strategy decisions. Read more in the official press release.

Leveraging Data to Enhance Fan Experience

Radio Show Limited, the British-based international motorsport broadcaster behind Radio Le Mans, announced Valkyrie as their official AI partner for the 2022 24 Hours of Le Mans and the IMSA and WEC race seasons. By collecting data from prior and current racing events, Valkyrie is equipping fans with an in-depth look at what happened on the track and the variables that may have affected the outcomes of a race. Read the full press release to learn more.

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"Working with Valkyrie off track will only improve our performance on track.”

-- Richard Dean | Owner and President of United Autosports

Our Partners

United Autosports is one of the largest motorsport companies in the UK and competes globally in different categories across the world. Based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, the company is co-owned by McLaren CEO Zak Brown and former racing driver Richard Dean.

Valkyrie is a proud sponsor of driver Mac Clark with DEForce Racing. DEForce Racing is a Houston, Texas-based professional racing team founded by David and Ernesto Martinez that competes in the USF Juniors, USF 2000 and Indy Pro 2000 Championships in the Road to Indy Program. Operating in three different countries, DEForce’s world-class drivers and technical staff are a benchmark team in the American open-wheel feeding series.

Mac Clark With DEForce

OGH Motorsports is a Dallas, Texas-based motorsports company founded by Sean Gibbons and Sam Owen; focused primarily on sports car racing through sponsorship and business development. In 2020, OGH Motorsports won the GT4 America SprintX AM championship partnered with NOLASPORT and finished second in the PCA SPB Championship.

OGH Motorsports Dallas

Radio Show Limited via, and its sister site, has become the number one source of sportscar racing coverage globally producing over 6500 hours of live race coverage in 2021 (the majority of it as live outside broadcasts) along with 96 hours of live magazine shows. Radio Show Limited provides live broadcast coverage of many of the world’s most significant sports car races as well as regular reporting of the rest. This is supported by preview, review, interview & special features programming including esports.

Radio Show LT - Radio Le Mans