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It’s that time of year again. Valkyrie is proud to have submitted 6 sessions for consideration at SXSW 2022 alongside our colleagues, partners and mentors. This past year has been challenging, but has also provided us with new experiences and deeper insights that we look forward to sharing. From the AI arms race to the impact COVID-19 has had on the future of machine learning, the Valkyrie team is thrilled to take the SXSW stage and share stories and new knowledge from our field. We hope you join us in “up-voting” our panels and letting curiosity be your guide.

  1. Moneyballing Venture Capital More and more firms are adopting Machine Learning to be used in critical Venture Capital decision making processes. This panel dives into how an AI-driven venture fund is solving problems that have previously hampered early-stage venture investing.
  2. How COVID-19 is Changing the Future of MLThe pandemic has forced seismic changes in human behavior, causing a major transformation in the way machine learning models are deployed and used. Hear from our CEO as he shares how the pandemic has caused a critical need for a new approach to machine learning.
  3. How a Sunday Walk 300 Years Ago is Changing AI AI is only as powerful as the data you train it on, and network graphs allow for AI to find hidden connections in data, allowing for a smarter and more precise capability. Hear from an expert panel on why network graphs are the best thing in AI you’ve never heard of and how they’re being used to disrupt the future of our field.
  4. The New Cold War: The AI Race Against China Hear from our panel of experts on how China’s growing advancements in AI will impact our national security and the role that government, private industry, entrepreneurs and investors have in ensuring that the US wins the AI arms race.
  5. Impact Tech Meetup: Matchmaking Tech to Nonprofits If you’re a nonprofit in the market for skilled tech professionals, or a tech company looking for the perfect pro-bono client, join us for a matchmaking meetup to connect with like-minded organizations and professionals on a mission to do good.
  6. The Importance of Democratizing AI AI capabilities are often too costly for nonprofit organizations leaving the technology to be concentrated among those that can afford it. Additionally, democratization of these capabilities are fundamental for building public trust. Hear from our panelists on how AI can be deployed for the greatest good – from within nonprofit organizations to public infrastructure.

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