Top Knowledge Graph Use Cases Across Your Business

Contextual LLMs with Knowledge Graphs

The Rise of Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs has emerged as a transformative approach to easily discover data connections and relationships. Data scientists need to deliver quick and accurate answers to complex questions so business leaders can make decisions with confidence. Knowledge Graphs combines analytics and ML to deliver these answers in seconds by connecting relationships across petabytes of data while using a wide array of graph algorithms.

Graph technologies act as a force multiplier for data. According to Gartner, 80% of data and analytics innovations will use graph technologies by 2025. This can be seen in the 2024 Gartner Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar. The center of this visual represents emerging technologies that have the highest potential to disrupt markets.

Gartner Impact Radar

Gartner Impact Radar

Knowledge Graph Use Cases for Every Department

As organizations strive to make sense of their data assets, knowledge graphs emerge as a versatile solution, offering a range of use cases tailored to specific industry needs. Review the chart below to explore business use cases for knowledge graphs across a variety of industries.  **Click to access enlarged view**

Valkyrie Knowledge Graph Use Case

Apply Valkyrie Intelligence Knowledge Graphs

Valkyrie Intelligence Knowledge Graphs is a data analytics and ML engine that helps you understand the connections in big data to answer critical questions and improve predictions. It uses these data relationships to discover fast, actionable insights and plugs into enterprise data ecosystems so you can get more data science projects into production quickly.

With a ready-to-use library of over 65 pre-tuned graph algorithms, Valkyrie’s data scientists can explore billions of data points in seconds to identify hidden connections and generate compelling visualizations that contribute to more informed decision-making.

Ready to learn how Knowledge Graphs can help your organization? Contact a Valkyrie Knowledge Graphs specialist to get started.

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