Manufacturing: Understanding Driver Profiles with Knowledge Graphs

manufacturing client using AI

In the rapidly evolving landscape of automotive technology, modern vehicles are becoming increasingly digitized, equipped with advanced sensors and systems that generate vast amounts of data that is collected. As a result, motor companies are faced with the challenge of managing this deluge of data effectively across various departments within the organization, where data from one part of the organization does not seamlessly translate to another. This fragmentation hinders the holistic analysis and utilization of data, impacting areas such as engineering, design, and customer service. Integrating these disparate data sources has become crucial for these automotive companies to make important decisions that will dictate whether their customers are satisfied and will remain loyal with the brand or turn to a competitor.

Valkyrie was engaged by a multinational automotive manufacturing conglomerate to build a Knowledge Graph to aid in the corporation’s data consolidation and understanding of its customers, their preferences, and their behavior patterns. The end-to-end technical graph solution illuminates deeper customer insights, enabling the client to create highly-personalized and tailored experiences for its customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Understanding User Behavior with Knowledge graphs

At Valkyrie, we are strong advocates of knowledge graphs. We recognize that organizing data in a structure that prioritizes relationships between entities reveals deeper insights and facilitates more accurate predictive models. We’ve modeled relationships between gamers for a leading video game publisher, increasing player engagement and reducing churn. We’ve leveraged knowledge graph technology to recognize and exploit market inefficiencies, disrupting the finance industry. We believe knowledge graphs can solve the accountability crisis in Generative AI by serving as structured knowledge sources for contextual LLMs, thus reducing hallucinations. 

Our most recent application of knowledge graphs for our automotive manufacturing client exemplifies the kind of actionable insights that are best revealed through KGs. The global auto manufacturer was in need of a solution to aid them in better understanding their customers and creating more personalized experiences that enable the optimization of internal processes. With millions of customers across 20+ countries driving any one of its 14 vehicle brands, the client’s customer base was undeniably diverse and complex. 

Valkyrie built a comprehensive end-to-end technical graph solution that consolidates and unifies data across business areas, enabling the vehicle conglomerate to better understand its customers, their preferences, and their behavior patterns. Valkyrie’s knowledge graph empowers the client’s organization to create highly personalized and tailored experiences for its customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The use of a knowledge graph also makes it possible for the company to identify areas of growth potential and optimization, helping them remain competitive in an increasingly crowded marketplace. 

manufacturing client uses AI

Using a knowledge graph will allow the company to break free from the hindrance of data silos across the organization and, in turn, consolidate their data under one coherent vision. This data cohesion makes it much easier to make data-driven decisions across the organization in a wide range of business problems such as: identifying opportunities for vehicle add-on subscriptions, marketing strategy, and maintenance root-cause analysis. Valkyrie’s solution led to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty proven by the 25% increase in customer conversion rate and estimated $65k in savings from customer service calls avoided through maintenance root-cause analysis. 

This auto manufacturer client’s use of a knowledge graph represents a significant step forward in customer understanding and engagement for the vehicle industry, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that will lead to delivering better products and creating satisfied customers while saving time and resources. 

Valkyrie’s partnership is just one example among many of the strategic benefits of knowledge graphs. By understanding the complex relationships that exist within your business operations, knowledge graphs have the potential to unlock novel insights for your company. Building a foundational knowledge graph is also an invaluable resource in any AI/ML or automation implementation roadmap.

AI roadmap for manufacturing

At Valkyrie, we have seen the monumental outcomes that integrating knowledge graphs have had on our clients’ business operations, in the form of customer engagement, profitability, and efficiency. Visualizing relationships in graph form has the potential to illuminate insights that may otherwise go undetected, having direct, actionable implications on business operations. 

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