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Science, Applied to

Solving the most complex government challenges with data-driven solutions

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Science, Applied to
Social Impact

Applying science to drive humanity forward

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Science, Applied to

Data-driven solutions for a data-driven sport

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Valkyrie is dedicated to bringing the most advanced AI from academia to business leaders. As scientists, our team is focused on creating custom solutions tailored to our client’s specific needs and industry. Our team has built AI to optimize ambulance response, prevent cruise ships from polluting the ocean, and help predict the spread of COVID-19 in Texas.

Applying science to real-world challenges

Born out of teams from research labs at NASA, DARPA, and AFRL, Valkyrie’s government practice is dedicated to bringing the highest level of innovation to our nation’s decision-makers and frontline operators. We work across US government sectors to bring the latest advancements in our field to solve our clients’ most pressing challenges.

Inspired by the past, driven by the future

Valkyrie Virtue is Valkyrie’s social impact initiative. We believe that science should constantly be pushing humanity forward for the betterment of all. Through Valkyrie Virtue, our team leverages science for social good in two distinct ways. Through our pro-bono program, we donate our AI services to high-impact nonprofits across the country in order to create custom solutions that further their mission. Through our STEM education program, we equip the next generation of scientists with the base level knowledge and tools required to enter into our field.

Applying science to drive social good.

United Autosports #22 Car, Will Owen

Valkyrie Velocity is the manifestation of science and sport. Racing has historically been rooted in precision, science, design, and calculated risk. The slightest tweak can win or lose a race. By pairing our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence capabilities with the unprecedented precision of premiere racing, we’re enabling our racing partners with the tools of the future.

Science in motion

Our Clients

Client Stories



“Valkyrie's technical capabilities are matched by their integrity and determination. The Valkyrie team has been core to the realization of our data-driven investing thesis, and has enabled our team through data science and engineering. They have worked with us to incorporate our operating experience and strategic priorities into an AI product that we use to find great entrepreneurs and to help them grow their companies.”
— Lanham Napier, CEO at BuildGroup
Social Impact

Homefront Fund

"Critical to our mission of creating a plan to address homelessness was data-driven analysis of where the need in our city really is. Valkyrie's in-depth research contributions as data scientists allows us to create a plan that more accurately prevents community members from experiencing homelessness."
— Tyson Tuttle, CEO at Silicon Labs

Global Medical Response

“Valkyrie has done incredible work and provided invaluable, critical insight in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic,” said Randy Owen, CEO of GMR. “They’ve helped our team of first responders navigate one of the most challenging time periods in the modern era, and the assistance that they’ll continue to provide will only enhance our team’s response capabilities and make our essential services even stronger. We’re thrilled to continue our work with Valkyrie and bolstering our collective operations.”
— Randy Owen, CEO of GMR.
Social Impact


"The team at Valkyrie was integral to creating our plan to prevent individuals from experiencing homelessness in our city. Their scientific approach to uncovering the communities in Austin that are most at-risk for experiencing homelessness equipped us with the insights necessary to craft a holistic, impactful and data-driven approach to preventing homelessness."
— Lawton Cummings, Partner at Notley
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Science, Applied

When we say “science applied”, what does that really mean? In order to be able to support all of our operations and the impact we’re having on industry, we had to devise a way to have one methodology that could scale across all things Valkyrie.

Our secret sauce is our RED method. Through iterating on Research, Evaluation, and Deployment, our scientists uncover hidden insights within our clients data and create custom solutions based on intelligence.

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